Saturday, February 18, 2012


yes, finally im blogging eh.
went to school this morning for Merentas Desa!
my last Merentas Desa :(
kinda sad cause it's my last year of high school dy.
aihh. don't wanna talk bout it :/ lol anyway,i went solo all the way this morning.
friends all busy running,hoping to get a placing.
well, i didn't bothered to get any placing so i was just jogging and walking nie.
so after school right..
me,Conty,Hilda,JaeMie,Nishal,Khalee,Leena,CheYan and Fay
went to Little India by cab :)
first,we headed to Anandan Bawan to eat our brunch.
it was nice :) very nice. had mutton curry. after so long. hahaha
everything looks nice la actually. felt like trying all of it :P
i ordered...errr...i forgot what isit called. heh.
then we went around Little India to do some survey for IU Day.
we walked in the shops and come out without buying anything like a boss hahahah!
took pictures la,this la,that la. aiyooo, so typical of us la.
Went home around 12 something. after Fay and Cheyan left, i went to bath and took a nap.
it was raining! darn nice to sleep i tell you. so cosy.

and ummm,that's about it la :) nothing so special. just another ordinary day i would say.
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i just suddenly have the urge to blog. hehhe :)
i donno why i so emo suddenly. and i donno who to tell bout how i feel now.
everyone seem busy with their own life. im looking forward to SMI Gathering..which is this saturday.
im joining marching,banner and helping out with sketch again this year :)
i've been waking up early to go to polo to practice marching
why polo?
because we have no teacher to take care of us in school.
that's why.
im tan and i look like a malay girl now.
hahhahaha :)
seriously, my holiday was kinda ruined.
cause i need to wake up for marching and all. its not nice. but...hmmm..have to la.
very tiring. and all the plans all. lol.
im not trying to blame la okay. im just saying la. lol.
haih............i've been *sigh-ing* so much these days.
it's like a habit already. =/
and nowadays ppl always ask me this question
"pei, why emo la?"
"pei,why so tired?"
"pei, you okay ah?"
hahahah! thanks for your concern guys.
but honestly, im fine! hahah :)
maybe i look tired or something la..i don't know. but im fine. heheh :)
okay. maybe not. LOL.
but if you ask me...i donno what to answer also. LOL. nevermind.
my holidays okay la.....i started my homework a lil bit only.
ppl like me..will never start homework early.
but always start last min.
LOL.'s me la. hahah
as long as i finish la. lol.
and to is not everything. and studying is not my first priority.
i donno. i just don't like it.
its sad, i know. but ya...studying is not everything to me.
i believe..i won't die if i don't study.
but of course..its better la. hahhaah
conclusion: im just lazy. and im not proud of it or anything la actually..
im just saying..and its the fact that im lazy. lol.
anyway, umm..i always like that. whenever i blog..its like i talk to someone like that..
and i'll go out of topic. LOL.
i supposed to blog about my holiday..but now im talking about me and study.
yeah. umm...ya. LOL! :D
im listening to Yellow by Coldplay now :D
i love that song so much. hehheeheh
lol. umm ya.
you know ah...i actually like him for a year plus dy. yet i still haven't get him.
lol. im so stupid. aih...i always say i wanna move on.
but...i didn't put effort to move on.
lol. i admit that.
i donno why..i tend to think that i still have the chance.
yaya..i know very perasan right.
but i donno la. it seem so impossible. but im still giving hope.
seriously, im so what the hell. hahah
i think im a lil crazy. LOL
but i clearly know what am i saying/typing.
someone please help me.
im gonna see him this sat.
the feeling is gonna come back one.
sure one.
if it won't right...then maybe miracle happen la.
hahahah. kkkkk.
i think i should stop now hehehe :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

life's kinda awesome but at the same time........not that awesome


i don't know laaaa...

all i know is...i have a lot of things to do.

especially homeworks!

sigh. forcing myself to do something i don't like is..kinda torturing. i feel so sorry for myself!



joking la.

oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

IU Day is coming =)

Hilda and I are incharge for sketch. umm..not a sketch la actually..

is more like a video..

im not that excited actually. i just can't wait for it to end!!

and focus on my studies. i know its so not me la.

im changing =) really.


and the theme for this year is Italy.

im so clueless i tell you...

i have no idea what to do for the video.


anyway, if you have any idea about Italy...please leave a comment or something.

thank you very much! =D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

lol. hi, Carmen were talking about my blog this morning.
and i actually forgot that i have blog i was like "ohh blog. lol. i'll update. i'll update" :)
sorry la.
im very busy these days.
since the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL OF 2011 im busy already.
got free time also watch tv,sleep,eat and do nonsense la. lol.
anyway, umm..i just wanna update a bit la :p
we,the form 4 leaders....finally handover!
honestly laa..i feel kinda sad. but not to say very sad la. its like happy yet sad.
happy cause of Ravi. lol. you know i know la. lol.
and sad cause umm....seriously, i didn't do much for coy. i mean last year la.
and we brought the coy down..and now..we left the coy like that.
i feel very mm fong sum. aiyoo..screw it la. im in rangers already. soo...heheheh :P
and oh ya! its 12.33 Happy Thinking's Day!! :)
we're celebrating Thinking's Day kinda excited. lol.
you know what..i really don't know what to update.
cause there's A LOT to update.
okay fine....roughly la ha..
my sports day is this saturday,26th of Feb :)
and im involve in marching!...for rangers :) and cheerleading for green house and im the panji-panji on sports day. LOL and.....
yeah..having practice tomorrow. and add maths is still easy. but! i don't know how to do.
because im sleepy most of the time.
as simple as that.
seriously, peiqi, you're DIE FOR MAC TEST.
okay, not die la,maybe cry la. or wait..not cry..umm..nevermind.
i really need a one week holiday and go to ren's house and teach me add maths chapter 1,2,4!!!
my goal is to pass all my march test exam!!! but now right..after BM right..i can say byebye already.
you see you see...i said i wanna UPDATE only right..
i ended up crapping. haiyoo..
imma stop here.
good night everyone! :)
have a nice day!

Friday, January 7, 2011

today was the day where the teacher's divide us into class
in the form, i wrote Orchid and Rose.
few days before we sign up right..
i was telling god
"God, im gonna put two class and just put me in either one that you think i can handle,i'll let you decide for me :)"
first..i want english literature. but then...there's accounts and add math. math sucks la. i got a B so get it la.
but Rose got no E.L
conty,khalee and i went to ask Ms.Lau whether we can go to Rose and take E.L
cause we don't want add math.
so yeah la..i really don't know which one i really wan.
so i decided to pray :)
and yeah..
after recess
the first class they announced were Kekwa.
i was very nervous.
i was sitting next to Shirley.
hoping that i will get into Rose. yes, Rose. because i change my mind last min.
very ma fan wan.
cause like..i very scared lah from what i heard from my seniors.
add math and accounts is hard and all the negative feedbacks lah.
after they announced Kekwa
it was Orchid o___O
i know i know..i was damn scared!
and so coindent my name was the first one Salina called out
i was like
and everyone kinda "wooowed" ??
i donno why also.
and yeah..
walked and stand there alone.
hoping my friends will be in the same class with me.
and thank god! i have nice classmates! and got friends la :D wheeee!
Carmen,Marissa,Lau,Lily,Shuling,Meiyan,Yuen Ceng and yeah..all very nice people la :)
no problematic girls.
maybe a few of them with attitude problems. but ah...i love my class :)
and ohh! Salina's my class teacher -.- uhhh..
have to tolerate her man. seriously.

went to the hall...
gosh. lau slept on my back.
i just can't stop laughing because its very geli..
and yeah..they talked about sejarah.
i didn't really pay attention. hahaha
but anyway yeah..went back to class.
and OHH! i was too bored.
so i decided to clean the class.
hmm..aiming for class TERBERSIH on next monday :P
wanna beat Kekwa.
and it was so dusty
of course it's dusty,peiqi -.- aiyooo..
after a while went to recess then go to the hall again..
for some sunway college thing..
went up and played a "game"
lol! for fun :)
carmen go nie laaaa. hahahah.
they divide us into 3 groups
each group have 10 person.
i was in Hilda's group.
and the game was like that..
the first person, the "leader" la..
had 5 minutes to memorize everything they wrote on a paper
and pass it to another person
and keep passing the message la.
makesure is the right one.
so yeah. it was very gan cheong! hahaha.
i was like "omg!omg!omg!"
"can you tell me one more time??"
uhh..i was so angry at myself.
i always try to calm myself down and don't overreact. but yeah. kinda hard.
cause its just natural lah.
hahaha so gan cheong.
and yeah..we got kit kat. hahhaa.
and then umm..yeah.
thought of changing to Rose.
but it's full already.
can't change. but honestly, i dont wanna change la. i love my class.
but im scared of add math and accounts!
gonna stay in Orchid until after SPM dy.
i just can't imagine myself doing accounts and add math. just gonna try la.
and im taking 10 subjects. hmmm..sounds pro right? but im not pro at all.
have to work hard dy lohh..
im.......afraid.....that i can't handle it.

sings the..
**the club can't even handle me right now =/**

peace out*

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

school started yesterday :D
feel good to meet back all my friends! hahah
and its kinda i still think im in form 3.
i just can't believe im in form 4 already because it's so fast.
it's like i just entered the school few days ago and now im in form 4 dy.
gosh..big girl dy. D:
seriously, i can remember every single thing i did in form 1,2 and 3.
like clearly remember everything. okay. not exactly everything..
but yeah..almost everything.
i have this feeling that god is hinting/telling us something?
nevermind. anway....
i didn't sleep before school..
i don't know why.
but thank god! i have suet fay with me.
so, both of us went on msn..and webcam and play msn games.
it was so lame!
and then we chat and all :)
it was fun la.
reached school..
supposed to gather at the main gallery
but instead....i went to art gallery. cause i thought art gallery.
and they had morning prayer there so i went and join.
after that went to assembly and blablabla...
and all the form 4's stayed in the hall..
i was kept donno what.
and then went to class....
and went home. slept until 8 something!
woke up,ate dinner,tv then sleep back at around 12 like that.
this morning :D
went to school waited for an hour,lined up
and do the usual stuff la...
then the form 4's go to the upper hall
for all the ceramah's about science and art stream.
this sucks!
i wanna take English Literature
but...! if i take EL i have to take Add Math and Account.
which i don't think i can cope with that 2 sucjects.
maybe Account still okay.
but Add Math is no way.....
from what i heard from most of my seniors..
is damn hard.
some get like 15,16
some even get like 2 or 3 marks.
and yeah..i think i'll get that if i take add math.
so, conty,khalee and i
went and asked ms.lau whether we're allowed to go to Rose and take EL
and she said it depends on the timetable.
not sure whether can or not.
and i have to sign in tomorrow dy.
i seriously donno how.
but most probably im taking add math and account la..if really cannot.
have to work hard loh.
honestly, im willing to work hard for it la actually.
but its better not to go since i know im not that smart.
hmm...i donno how.
and oh ya..
we're not allowed to drop any subject after we sign in!!
according to's not fair.
and i don't understand why is it not fair..
that makes me more worried.
donno la......... waiting for ms.lau's answer!
i want to know it ASAP!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

celebrated my birthday with Uncle Greg :)
we're the 23rd dec babies :D
watch thai ghost movie with Shirley after PMR :D

met some "guai poh,guai chai,guai mui"
in Australia :D
sister's landlady's son and daughter.
fyi, they're TRIPLETS!

first time in Australia :D
enjoyed it a lot a lot a lot!
all friendly ppl,i suppose.
and yeah...first time in Sydney Fish Market! :D
seriously, it was awesome like donnowhat!
those seafood especially!
yum! yum! yum!

coy camp! :D
3 word
seriously, SCREW pineapple Ravi!
after all the sweat&tears&bloog&energy&mouth?
yeah. Ravi! go get a life you LOA, you Attention Seeker pineapple!
anyway, we enjoyed it! :D
everyone did! yay!

meet the MUM. hahahah!
skype with her yesterday night :D before countdown.
*muahhh muaaahhhh muuuuuahhhh!*
SHE is my QUEEN!

kawan baik saya sejak tahun 1!! :D
very good friends.
eventhough we're not gonna be in the same class next year
but that doesn't mean we're not gonna be close right?

i was bored. so i decided to upload some pictures i took in 2010 :D
2010 is definitely an awesome year :)
though its pmr year and i did not get good results.
but i did enjoyed studying in the library,school,house,class with my friends :)
and at least i put my effort and tried my best :)
and i sound like as if im giving a speech.
hmmm...2010 i love you! :D